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In 2023, the city of Seattle renewed and expanded its agreement with the Downtown Seattle Association to manage and activate downtown parks, growing DSA’s portfolio from three to five urban parks and public spaces. DSA outfits these important spaces with furniture, games, lighting and reading areas. A full-time staff manages daily programming such as concerts, food trucks, community events, kids activities, art installations and more. DSA also provides staffing and event private security.

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To enhance downtown parks and other public spaces, DSA partners with the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation, to manage and activate Westlake Park, Occidental Square, Pioneer Park, McGraw Square and Bell Street Park.


Seattle Parks & Recreation

Occidental Square and Westlake Park are managed by the Downtown Seattle Association in partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation.

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Occidental Square

Westlake Park

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Contact Info

General Park Info:

Michael Johnson, Director of Parks & Public Spaces


Jennifer Casillas, VP, Public Realm & Ambassador Operations

Art and Public Space Projects:

Seth Geiser, Manager, Urban Planning & Design

Park Rules

The Seattle Municipal Code prohibits:

  • Placing any structure or obstruction in the park without a permit
  • Dogs or other pets that are not leashed; person with dog must carry and use equipment for removing feces.
  • Sale of merchandise without a permit
  • Amplified sound without a permit.
  • Camping
  • Liquor (open or closed container)
  • Littering
  • Skateboarding, roller-skating
  • Illegal gambling
  • Urinating or defecating

Parks Code of Conduct (enforceable under SMC 18.12.040) prohibits:

  • Depriving others of their use or enjoyment of the park
  • No smoking
  • Unattended items
  • Creating a risk of harm to any person or property
  • Obstructing pedestrian traffic; interfering with the provision of services or the use of park property
  • Disrupting Parks and Recreation activities.
  • Abusive or harassing behavior